Live Music: Why Book Local?

Live Music: Why Book Local?

At Toast, we might be a small and humble entertainment agency, yet we are very proud of the high-quality local talent that we have at our fingertips and we love to champion and support authentic artists from our surrounding area. 

With so many good bands and artists all over the country, it is tempting to think that booking a London-based band or heading to a huge entertainment agency will guarantee you the absolute best of what’s on offer. We don’t believe this is necessarily always the case. 

So here are 5 reasons why we think it is a great idea to book your live wedding or party music locally.


Local acts often already know your chosen venue well which immediately offers them reassurance and confidence. They will probably know how the venue space works, what power sources and floor spaces are available to them and also how the wedding or events are usually scheduled and run by the venue team. 


Knowing some of the venue staff can be especially useful when it comes to foreseeing potential hurdles that the live act may face when they arrive. Unloading equipment, setting up around caterers and guests, whilst understanding about noise limitations will all be things that are familiar. Also, venue staff who already have established relationships with the band/act will be extra aware of everything that they normally require, and so can be prepared and ready for them.


You could make a significant saving if you choose to book a local band, musician or entertainer. Travel expenses will be minimal. (Imagine you have booked a 7 piece band and a DJ. With equipment, lights and multiple vehicles required, you can already see how travel costs can mount up). Also, remember a party usually finishes pretty late. Local artists can pop home easily and there will be no need for you to provide further travel and overnight accommodation for each person.


Artists love to work their own patch and unconsciously bring an extra special level of performance and care to local folk. They will love to help you celebrate and will be keen to maintain a great reputation locally. The priority for the act will be about delivering an honest, trustworthy and excellent service because to maintain local business, word-of-mouth is everything.


It is so positive to show that you care about your local community. In such a commercial world where even wedding and party bands are mass-produced (and often forged out of session musicians who might not even know each other), we love to honour genuine bands and musicians who’ve worked hard to create something authentic and real. We want to hear the soul and life in their music that comes out of a real story, and something more than just a list of covers played technically right. Do you agree?

So remember, local does not always mean small and amateur, or not as good. Local is often better.

If you are interested in seeing the best of what Toast has to offer, get in touch with us now. 

We would love to tell you about the most popular entertainment we provide particularly throughout the areas of Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey, London, Dorset, Devon, Cornwall, Isle of Wight, Guernsey & Jersey.

Posted 12 November 2019 by Nathan Evans

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