Your company might not have the budget for performing elephants, ice sculptures and aerial dancers hanging from the rafters of an exclusive London venue, however it doesn’t mean you can’t make a fantastic impression with the help of some well thought-out, strategic entertainment! Here's some ideas to get you started...

1) Create a chilled but festive atmosphere

Begin your evening by putting your guests immediately at ease, as they sip a welcomed drink to the soothing vintage tones of a live jazz or swing artist.  Why not check out some of our live acts starting with...Mr Smith, The Pink Champagne Sisters, Amy Bee?

2) Add a touch of humour

During a sit-down dinner, why not have a Caricaturist working the tables sketching up hilarious depictions of your colleagues (and maybe even your boss to test out the authenticity of their festive spirit?!)...Your guests will enjoy having a really fun memory that they can also take away with them! Find out more about our Toast caricaturist...

3) Offer a little 'WOW!' factor

When onto the desserts, coffees and digestifs, how about a allowing a magician to capture the attention of the room with a classy cabaret of magic to entertain the crowd? If keeping things more subtle works best for your party however, a mind-reading magician who is skilled at table magic can dot around the tables and blow everyone’s minds, all whilst the room is being set up ready for some dancing!  These magicians are our top picks!...Damien, Dan, Darren, Michael and Mark.

4) David Brent eat your heart out...

You’ll be surprised, even shocked, at the moves some of your work friends will be busting out after a good night of food, fun and bevs. Hire a sparkly dance floor to help create the festive party atmosphere and lure everyone out of their seats. You will need a classy DJ and some great tunes to keep them there; Look no further we only have the best at Toast.  We can provide your dancefloor and your DJ!

5) See your colleagues in a new light!

There’s nothing better than a bit of dressing-up silliness, captured on camera and then stuck to the office whiteboards for the whole of next year! Everyone loves a photobooth - especially with Christmas themed accessories!  Look no further than Toast for hiring your photo booth!

6) Finishing the night on fire!

Why not end on a high and dazzle your party goers with some seasonal sparkly fireworks and enjoy an end-of-year toast around a smoldering fire-pit?! Relish simmering down whilst watching our talented professional fire performers astound and amaze you and your guests with their skillful fire-eating, fire juggling and fire-dancing skills. Have a little look at our Toast fire performers info!

If you'd like help with your work Christmas Party, don't hesitate to get in touch for more ideas!

Posted 16 November 2017 by Nathan Evans

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