Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart

Every year the Irish and the Irish at heart don their best dancing shoes and - Guinness in hand - celebrate the patron saint of Ireland, St Patrick. It is a fact that the Irish know how to party, but also, what makes their celebrations so universally enjoyable is that the Irish know how to keep tradition alive – something you can find in their music, food and also in their weddings. 

There are few things more romantic than a windswept, wild-at-heart Irish wedding. Complete with sprawling landscapes, 24-hour parties, whiskey soaked cakes and a good dash of tradition - when it comes to weddings, the Irish do it best. So, we have done our research and cherry-picked our favourite Irish-isms to help you incorporate a touch of the Gaelic into your big day. 

The Colours of Ireland

Second to location (a stunning castle set amongst the lakes obviously!), couples tend to focus their attention on the kind of styling they would like for their wedding. An Irish wedding offers tons of inspiration, the key is to keep it relaxed, fun and carefree. 

A beautiful soft colour palette, with free-flowing bouquets of wild flower and foliage is a key way to bring a little Ireland to your big day. Add a truly unique touch and opt for a coloured wedding dress. Blue is considered a lucky colour in Ireland so why not opt for a soft duck-egg coloured wedding dress or soft blue bridesmaid gowns and matching cravats for the bridal party. Accompany your dreamy dress with beautifully braided hair. Braids are an ancient Irish symbol of power and luck and so many brides incorporate them into their hairstyles for their big days. 

From Bells to Shamrocks  

Once the clothing has been perfected, the next port of call is décor. Add a little Gaelic charm with rustic horseshoes, clovers and lockets to create the perfect nod to Irish styling. Tables look stunning decorated with textured hessian runners and a sprinkling of lavender (a symbol of love and devotion) or bags of cloves add a lovely fragrant touch. Choose centrepieces of wildflowers, including the beautiful and unique Bells of Ireland and soft but vibrant blue Cornflower.

May your heart always be full, and your glass never be empty!

Now we have set the scene, it is time for the important stuff. Irish weddings are famed for being fun, friendly and fabulous, with music filling every nook and cranny, a flowing bar and dancing until dawn. The Irish love of music shows itself early on a wedding day; traditionally a harpist sets the scene playing beautiful Irish music before the ceremony, we suggest that you extend this tradition slightly and walk down the aisle to the romantic harp plucking a song which sits close to your hearts. 

Once you have said your ‘I dos’ celebrate in style with traditional bagpipes playing you out of the ceremony. If your venue is within walking distance, why not let the celebrations commence and keep the bagpipes going as you and your guests walk over to your reception. 

The reception – the moment all of your guests have been waiting for. Keep spirits high with a fiddler accompanying your wedding breakfast then, Guinness in hand, it is time to party! 

And what better way to dance until dawn than with a toe tapping Ceilidh band! Guaranteed to get the party started and keep it going until the early hours, our Toast Ceilidh are a young, energetic and professional band who perform a unique combination of traditional tunes and dances with a modern twist – perfect to satisfy all of your guests and help secure your big day a place in best-wedding-ever history! 

Posted 21 February 2017 by Rachel Soothill

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