A guide to the ultimate Christmas party

A guide to the ultimate Christmas party

It takes more than a bit of punch to get people rocking around the tree at a Christmas party. You’ve got to get the mood right: the perfect lighting, enough to eat and drink and of course… a rocking band or DJ

This year, don’t resort to a flaccid affair, awkwardly making small talk under strip lighting whilst Ben from accounting sneaks on his tired old mix tape. It is time to do it properly, be the best boss ever and give your workforce the shindig they deserve! 

“But how?” I hear you cry, “I’ve never thrown a rocking bash before! Where do I start??” Never fear best-boss-to-be, Toast is here to set you on the right track with our guide to the ultimate Christmas party. 

Christmas Lights

First things first, lighting is everything. No one is going to want to strut their stuff illuminated by the powerful force of strip lighting. So bring in the pros with some coloured up-lights, or if you really feel like making it an event to remember why not try a laser light show

Jingle Bell Rock

Our show-stopping collection of bands and DJs have tons of experience in making sure your employees will be raving about your Christmas party for years to come. Favourites include The 88s, The Deloreans and Jazz Boom, or why not be one of the first to party the night away with brand new Toast acts Sugar and Got To Groove.

All I Want for Christmas…

If you really want to pull in the big guns and make this a party to remember it is time to think entertainment. A Magician, Caricaturist or even a Fire Performer is a guaranteed recipe for festive party success. Or if you are after a more interactive form of entertainment, a photo booth is always a sure fire hit at any shindig. 

Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

Finally, it is time to think décor. Make sure your decoration hits the spot with a Giant 4 Foot Light Box complete with your company name blazoned across the front. Add to this a gorgeous festive tree, novelty hats and some well placed balloons, and you will have a celebration fit to go down in Christmas party history.  

Posted 13 December 2016 by Rachel Soothill

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