Autumn Acoustic

Autumn Acoustic

As the days draw in and the leaves start to turn, we embrace the end of summer and welcome the beautiful British autumn. 

Autumn weddings have a completely different feel to those of the summer. Cosiness becomes the focus, creating an intimate, personal occasion, complete with roaring fire pits, toasted marshmallows and seasonal cocktails. What better to accompany this style of wedding than with uplifting, heart warming acoustic! So we are dedicating this newsletter to the wonders of the autumn acoustic…

Nikki Loy

Add a little extra sparkle to your wedding with Nikki’s soulful, twinkling vocals. The in-demand singer has a special knack for creating the right vibe for any event and will leave any crowd wanting more. 

Chris James

With a voice like no other, Chris brings beautiful atmosphere to each performance. With over ten years of experience in the music business, Chris’ tried and tested set list is guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser.

David Soothill

Delightful Dave plays anything from jazz swing, folk and pop to movie soundtracks. His 15 years’ in the music business gives him amazing versatility, he can even create bespoke medleys tailored just to you. 

Ben P

From Elvis Presley to Ed Sheeran, Ben has an extensive range of songs in his repertoire. Bringing any event to life, he always creates a fantastic atmosphere, taking the worry away so you can relax and enjoy your big day. 

Posted 16 October 2016 by Rachel Soothill

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