Meet Jazz Boom!

Meet Jazz Boom!

We’d like to introduce you to our latest addition to the Toast family, the fabulous Jazz Boom!

If you are looking for a live band to set your wedding or event on fire - look no further than this swinging jazz band! It is perfect for keeping the dance floor filled and works for guests of all ages. 

If it’s toe tapping tunes you’re after, we’d recommend that you have no less than a 4 piece band, but there are a number of line ups available from 1 to 8 members, depending on what you require.

This act is a fantastic example of dynamic, professional musicians devoted to bringing you the best of this amazing genre of music.

Whether it's sophisticated cool, or the full on party vibe you require, Jazz Boom will detonate your wedding or event and put on a party you'll never forget!


Why book a jazz band?

The modern music you love has its origins in Swing, Jazz and Blues - it is a widely appreciated style of music that transfers across generations! Sophistication and swing go hand in hand so if you want to add substance of style and history to your event then booking a jazz band is definitely the right choice for you. Finally jazz music events are synonymous with wild dancing and a roaring good time! 

Do they do requests?

Yes they do, they will make a special effort to do a first dance request and have a wide repertoire of music they play from and will tailor their entertainment based on each event and your requirements. 

Can they play outside?

Yes they can play outside, but will need to have shelter from both sun and rain as they will be using electricity and very valuable instruments.

How long do they play for?

2 x 1 hour sets tend to work best but the band can also play 3 x 40 minutes over a 2 - 3 hour period. 

For more information or to book Jazz Boom for your event email us on

Posted 08 October 2015 by Rachel Soothill

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