How to create your own festival themed wedding

How to create your own festival themed wedding

With the festival season in full swing, lots of couples are inspired by the music, food, laid-back atmosphere and summer vibes found at these outdoor events and festival-themed weddings are becoming more popular. Even British Film Director Guy Ritchie recently hosted his own back garden festival complete with private yurts and floral crowns for his wedding to Jacqui Ainsley.

Here we have pulled together our suggestions for creating your own mini-festival theme wedding including the perfect live music acts and entertainment! 


The fundamental element of your festival experience will be the music you decide to play. Whether you’re rocking out like Reading, pirouetting through proms in the park or waving your hands in the air, like you just don’t care to a high-quality DJ set, our extensive range of acts will guarantee you find the right sound for your big day. 

You could choose from a jazz band such as Lush Life, our sensational soul singer Nikki Loy or if you are looking for something with more of a folk feel, our wandering minstrels act, The Waffle Grippers (as seen in featured image) are the perfect West Sussex based band to get your guests up and dancing wherever your wedding! If you’re after an energetic set, brought to you by the highest quality sound and lighting systems, look no further than our very own Toast DJs.

Photo booth 

Why not add a photo booth to your day to capture the wonderful atmosphere? Dive into our prop box bursting with fun items or create your own festival-themed dress-up accessories? From sunglasses to straw hats, there are lots of non-expensive ways to add to the fun of your festival wedding. 

Set the stage 

Create the perfect setting for your event by choosing from our range of dance floors and staging available for hire. Our fabulous LED lit floors will make a perfect addition to your festival themed wedding, as you continue the party into the night.

Feel inspired?

Other ideas to incorporate into your wedding planning to create that festival feeling include:

•Camping to Glamping: Give your guests a fantastic overnight stay with a luxury outdoor experience they won’t forget

•Gourmet Snacks: A delicious hog roast is always a winner, but there is always room to be adventurous, consider rustic homemade burgers washed down with local ale from a keg, or fresh fish and chips wrapped in traditional newspaper

•Choose your venue and decorate accordingly: When it comes to festival decoration, the sky is your limit, and the best part is, a lot of it you can make yourself! 

Posted 10 August 2015 by Rachel Soothill

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