Hiring a pianist for your special occasion

Hiring a pianist for your special occasion

A live solo pianist will enhance atmosphere and add ambiance to any occasion. As one of the most versatile performers, pianists can turn their hands to any style of music, from jazz to classical or even pop. Elaine is an outstanding pianist from the Chichester area, with a diverse repertoire, her delightful tones are perfect for an evening party, family celebration, background music at a wedding breakfast or any type of corporate function. Whether you want an Adele hit or classical Mozart, Elaine can effortlessly transform any selection of music into a beautiful composition.


Will my pianist do requests?

Yes our pianists are very happy to listen to your ideas and help create the perfect repertoire for your wedding or event.

What equipment will my pianist require?

It does depend on the venue, since some venues will have a piano available, but otherwise our pianists can bring their own keyboard, or alternatively we can hire a piano for you. We have a number of options suitable for any occasion and most locations, including our spectacular portable, mini grand piano shells.

How much space will my pianist require?

Your pianist will require sufficient space for the piano, which in the case of a concert grand can be as long as 9 feet, as well as space for them to play without hitting their elbows on the wall behind them. Also we’d advise that here is some space between your pianist and your guests or audience, so the sound is not too loud. A keyboard or mini grand shell work well in all environments.

To hear more about the inspiration for Elaine’s beautiful performances and how she can work with you on your special day, watch our below video.

Posted 06 March 2015 by Rachel Soothill

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