DJ versus iPod?

DJ versus iPod?

We all know that your wedding is likely to be one of the most expensive things you will ever need to front. You may be wondering whether it's the wedding DJ that should be culled from the neverending list of expenses, just to dampen the flames of that burning credit card?!

At Toast we understand that music to some is one of the main considerations of their wedding day, and to others, the last consideration on a very long list. We also don't have anything bad to say about an iPod playlist and in fact, they can definitely have their place in making an event special for the couple. We would like to think however, that there are some really good reasons why a live Toast wedding DJ is always worth a consideration over an iPod. 

So here's 5...

1. You can still have control with a DJ

At Toast we pride ourselves in the personalised service we offer our clients. Even if you have very specific taste in music and want to create a particular vibe that you feel you'd only be able to control through creating your own iPod playlist, just consider that a professional DJ will always be willing to meet you in advance to discuss your requirements, understand your expectations, and ensure this preparation is done on your behalf.

2. An iPod can't announce the buffet

Weddings are renowned for timing issues, especially when it comes to brides arriving, weather dependent photography, never-ending speeches and multiple food covers being served up simultaneously. In having a professional DJ it's a given that you will have an inbuilt wedding emcee who can help to get people in order, announce the first dance, buffet and bar, encourage guests to let their hair down and distract from any unfortunate or awkward occurrences!

3. A DJ is flexible and will read the vibe

Can you trust your iPod playlist to ramp up the party when it's trailing off? Or to maintain that energy and high when people are having so much fun that they are not wanting the party to end? Having a professional, experienced and dedicated person to monitor the crowd and judge the mood is worth it's weight in gold at any wedding, party or event. It is a huge part of a wedding DJs job to get this right and understand not just what the couple want from the night, but what the guests want too. Creating the perfect balance and selecting just the right music for the right wedding moments can be the make or break of any party. 

4. Cater for your guests, not just yourself

Your personalised playlist could easily end up being just that: Personal. For a successful and fun-filled party we would advise any couple to really consider all of their guests and what they would enjoy, rather than expecting that they should just try and appreciate your very personal taste in music. At Toast, years of experience means we are always confident and happy to make song suggestions and recommendations, not to flatten your style but to enhance it, whilst keeping everyone happy.

5. A DJ brings the PA and has already paid for the songs

Whilst an iPod could seem to be the cheapest solution to the entire musical requirements on your big day, remember that it will need to be played through a PA system which will need hiring and you will need to purchase the songs you want to play, (which when considering the length of the event could cost you more than expected!). Keeping to a local DJ could save you paying large travel expenses, and of course they will bring all the equipment with them and take it away again! Local is a Toast speciality so if you agree that a DJ is a great idea, give us a shout.

Posted 05 June 2014 by Nathan Evans

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