Summer party planning - A gig in the garden

Summer party planning - A gig in the garden

You may not have a garden big enough for glamping, organic food vans and posh portaloos but in the lead up to the summer we all love to enjoy a bit of a garden party. A party requires food.... and of course, great music.

Here are a few entertainment ideas for hosting a summer party that may tempt you to gather a bunch of friends and welcome in that sunshine...

1. The Quintessential English Garden Party
Why not set the idyllic victorian scene Downton style with Pimms, strawberries, and croquet on the lawn with the perfect background accompaniment of a classical string quartet?

2. Swing By Later
Evoke the feel of New York, generate a bit of metropolitan sophistication and throw a mellow after-dinner party with slow jazz and cocktails.

3. Chill Out Ibiza Style
If a bit of easy listening is required to help wind you down after a jam-packed summer's day, why not create a bit of a relaxed ambience with one of our chill-out DJs. A modern and funky alternative to jazz, bring a bit of Ibiza into your back garden! 

4. BBQ Folk
Pour yourself a Bourbon and grab a cigar for a laid-back American style BBQ with class. Slow down and enjoy this southern style soirée, perfected with a bit of burlap and perhaps a banjo-playing bluegrass band?

5. Bunting Ahoy! Vintage Lawn Party
Give your garden party a certain vintage charm with some classic lawn games, from boules and badminton. Why not take your theme from ‘so-so’ to ‘splendid’ with some light entertainment using close-up magicians to wow your guests, and all to the soothing tones of a 40's/50's live act.

Whatever you decide is your perfect summer party theme, just always be sure your guests leave talking about how greatly entertained they were!

Posted 15 May 2014 by Nathan Evans

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