Wedding entertainment - What's trending so far in 2014

Wedding entertainment - What's trending so far in 2014

More than ever brides and grooms are raising the bar to create weddings that are not only romantic, heartfelt and meaningful, but surprising, unique and highly entertaining. Take a look at what's trending when it comes to entertaining your guests in 2014.

1. Live entertainment, not just musical...
This year it's not just unique live bands, but all sorts of live entertainers that are being booked up for the evenings including magicians, dancers, lookalikes and even contortionists! Never a dull moment!

2. Wide open spaces
Not only have festival themed weddings and glamping (glamorous meets camping) been at the forefront of wedding trends in 2014, but now woodland weddings have become hugely popular. With all options providing a 2-3 day getaway opportunity for guests and a party that never ends for the happy couple, the outdoor venues lend themselves to a variety of musical options such as DJs, harpists, acoustic musicians, bluegrass and folk bands. The late live music curfew is a real plus point when hosting an outside do!

3. Unconventional
Couples seem to be trying harder than ever to choose original and surprising venues in which to say "I do" and the days when a simple hotel fits the bill are long gone. Finding somewhere unique is getting increasingly difficult, but among some of the unexpected destinations, those trending in 2014 have included acquariums, treehouses, caves, museums, art galleries, ships and castles. With unconventional venues comes the challenge of sourcing complementary yet unconventional entertainment requirements (and we at Toast love a bit of a challenge)!

4. Fitting the theme
Clients are now more frequently requesting music to fit the theme of their wedding day. The Great Gatsby has been a popular theme of choice for weddings in 2014, with 1920s art deco and art nouvaux elements running through the choice of venue, attire and entertainment. Vintage weddings, Boho brides and rustic homespun barn weddings are all top themes for weddings this year.

5. Element of surprise
Genre-swapping covers bands will play songs your guests will know and love, but in a different musical style when people are least expecting it. If you are lucky enough to have a live band playing at your wedding that can bash out some genre-swaps or mash-ups (a blend of two or more known songs), these could be clever ways to impress your guests and bring an element of surprise, as well as adding bit of extra fun to your party.

6. The 90's are back. Word.
Love it or loathe it, the 90's are back in full force and it's time to embrace it. It might be that Boyz II Men, Mariah or Montell Jordan will get those unsuspecting guests to their feet quicker than you can say "Livin' La Vida Loca"...

Posted 12 April 2014 by Nathan Evans

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