Top 5 Tips For Picking your First Dance song

Top 5 Tips For Picking your First Dance song

When it comes to weddings, ideal first dance songs tend to fit the couple's style and taste and are appropriate for the formality level of the wedding. Here's some tips that should help you get your first dance song right for the big day.

1. What vibe suits your personalities?

Everyone loves a bit of romance at a wedding, after all, that what it's all about! However you must decide whether a classic, timeless song works best for you, or if it's all about pure fun! Maybe you want to keep things modern and current and mark the moment right here and now, or perhaps bring a comedy element to show off your personalities? What's important is that you both agree and that your song choice doesn't leave your guests feeling underwhelmed, perplexed or equally, overwhelmed!

2. Can you actually dance to it?

This sounds obvious but unless there's an appropriately paced rhythm to your song, you may find it difficult to dance! Listen to the tempo of your chosen song and just check that you and your partner are happy to dance in a manner that keeps to that beat! then check that this manner will work with your outfits!

3. Check out the meaning

Make sure you have read through all the lyrics of a song. It is important to avoid choosing a song for it's catchy chorus just to realise later that it's meaning is about something totally inappropriate! (The Police's 'Every Breath You Take' for example, is classically mistaken for being a romantic song, yet upon reading the lyrics you realise it is about an affair!). Ideally the song would be meaningful to you as a couple and significant to your relationship.

4. Ask your band to play it

If you are having live music, it is always worth utilising your wedding band rather than sticking on an iPod at one of the most musically memorable moments of your big day. Check with your band if they are willing and able to learn your song, and be kind; try not to pick Bohemian Rhapsody. If you want to be creative, ask your wedding band if they are up for coming up with a modern twist on your chosen number, or performing acoustically or in a different style to how it was written.

5.  Add an element of surprise

Guests always love a fun surprise at a wedding. You may not be the types to organise a flash mob dance crew to pop up amongst your unaware guests, but perhaps you might want to consider a change of outfit, a bit of choreography or a surprise song mash-up? Make it memorable but remember not to offend any guests who may not be used to TOO many surprises at weddings!

Posted 12 April 2014 by Nathan Evans

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