As one of the busiest magicians in the business, Michael has been traveling over the UK for the last few years performing close up miracles for many high profile celebrity clients.

Specialising predominantly in stage, close-up and table magic, Michael’s relaxed manner and lighthearted sense of humour means he can easily fit in and enhance any social or business event, providing contemporary interactive entertainment.

If you're looking for a friendly professional magician to amaze (and amuse) your guests then you have come to the right place. Michael can provide exciting close-up magic personalised to suit your chosen event.

He regularly performs at weddings, corporate events, private parties and charity functions, contributing something magical and memorable for all ages.

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What's included?


The Gold Package also known as the Super Deluxe Package is a reputation maker. It is a deluxe combination combining all the visual highlights of both Bronze and Silver Packages and it is by far the best package to create an atmosphere of excitement & anticipation. This includes Mindreading, Interactive Close Up, Visual Magic, Original Magic and Dynamic Creative Magic which needs to be seen to be believed. Michael will not only read the mind of your VIP or person of your choice but will make a borrowed signed bill vanish & reappear inside a sealed envelope or kiwi


The most popular choice for most clients. When Magic happens in your hands it becomes exciting but when it takes place in your mind then it also becomes personable. The Interactive Magic & Mind Reading Package includes them both. Adding a completely new dimension & creating memories for your guests for years to come. All the effects are interactive in nature and designed for maximum impact. Imagine your guests reaction when Michael attempts to read three minds all at the same time with a £50 cash forfeit if He fails. A great way to engage your guests and get them talking in no time


The Bronze Package consists of 2 Hrs of Traditional Close Up Magic personally suited to your event. Michael mingles from to group to group entertaining your guests with miracles using everyday objects such as coins, cards, rings, fruit, iPhones and the like, It is a perfect ice breaker & a great way for your guests to enjoy the Magic close up 

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Michael you went over and above with your talent at our wedding and everyone really enjoyed all your tricks. Guests are still commenting on them and so are we. We couldn’t recommend you highly enough to anyone thinking of hiring you for an event!

Kara and Lars Middleton (The Ritz London)

That was... spec... spec... spec... spectacular !!

Daniel Radcliffe (English Actor)
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